Malcolm X day

Time (signature) collapse
maggio 16, 2016
How to render a realistic skin
maggio 23, 2016

Malcolm X day


In Reverse: Time Collapse, every episode aims to change the course of events. Some main events:

  • Wikileaks (2010)
  • Twin Towers attack (2001)
  • Kennedy assassination (1963)
  • Roswell accident (1947)

In addition to the above mentioned, we designed a level where your final goal is to save Malcolm X from being murdered.

He is considered one of the greatest yet controversial African-American leaders of the past century. At first, he opposed violently to the status quo but later he supported islam and its capability to tear down every racial discrimination and then leaded a non-religious political organization (OAAU).

Black slaves in USA had their owner’s last name, so he started calling himself “Malcolm X” because of the will to refuse this tradition.

On February 21 1965, he was killed by 7 gunshots during a public speech in Manhattan. He was 39.

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