Building levels brick by brick: indoor spaces

Building levels brick by brick: outdoor spaces
maggio 4, 2016
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maggio 10, 2016

Building levels brick by brick: indoor spaces

When you make a game like Reverse: Time Collapse (subscribe to OUR NEWSLETTER) strongly based on narration, the most important visual elements are environments. Actually, if you think about it, they are the projection of your story in the 3D world, just like scenographies in a movie. What about Titanic with Jack saying “Do you trust me?” to Rose on a small boat with a blank screen behind? Not the same, definitely.

We already talked about outdoor spaces, a wonderful work done by Vivian Kair (level artist best known for his work on The Division and Assassin’s Creed 4).

If you missed that article, just read this: building levels brick by brick: outdoor spaces

In this one, we’ll talk about indoor spaces. Jack will walk inside lots of them like offices, laboratories, military spaces etc.

Luigi Russo, our 3D artist, did an awesome job. He is a construction engineer and architect, so he really knows how to design and build environments!

Let’s have a look at one of his levels.

Broker office

As already said, the game features a lot of indoor spaces. One of these is a Broker Office in New York. You can see the high amount of details in the following screenshots.



After modelling the environments, Luigi imported them in Unity 3D to postproduce effects and lighting.


(As we’re writing this article, we’ve got featured on Made with Unity official website. Follow THIS LINK to reach the page).

The office is placed in New York, so we thought placing some scenic points was a great idea. You can actually see the city from a terrace.



Of course, Luigi didn’t use the whole city but just the buildings that the player can actually see from there.

Other levels he worked on are the Area 51 and the SERN laboratory (we chose to use not real names, that’s the “S”!).

See the environments used in-game in our 2+ minutes trailer on our website.


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