Developing a videogame inspired by Philip K. Dick stories

The concept art of Reverse: Time Collapse
aprile 21, 2016

Developing a videogame inspired by Philip K. Dick stories

We started thinking about the basic ideas for Reverse: Time Collapse 3 years ago for two main reasons:

– we had a great story to tell
– we love videogames (if you do as well, subscribe to OUR NEWSLETTER to know when to back our Kickstarter campaign!)

The main concept was to bring a high-standard story telling, third-person action, innovative over time puzzle solving, dialogs and stealth sections. Our inspirations were no other that Last Of Us, Assassing’s Creed, Monkey Island and Metal Gear Solid. The three characters (a scientist, a reporter and a secret agent) travel through time against their will after the Synchrotron accident in 2047. Preventing some events of human history will bring them back in their time.

The story  was of course influenced by Philip K. Dick’s works, in particular by “Ubik“.


Philip Kindred Dick was an american writer, one of the most influential in the sci-fi domain. He was totally ahead of its time as he started imagining cyberpunk worlds, simulation and dissimulation of reality and the search for God. A lot of movies were inspired by his works, like The Matrix, Blade Runner and Terminator, just to name a few. One of the main themes that Dick always refers to is the reality as a cage, a world of illusions the character lives in.

For Reverse: Time Collapse we started from the plot, expanding the basic idea with some key events like the Roswell accident, the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the Twin Towers attack and Wikileaks. The engine we chose to develop this game is Unity 3D, as we were already familiar with it… we just needed to form a team!


We got in contact with some of the best artists in the scene:



Shaddy Safady (Last Of Us, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3)

Concept artist


The concept art of Reverse: Time Collapse



Ronald Gebilaguin (Uncharted 3, The Sims 3)

3D artist


From concept arts to 3D world: part I

From concept arts to 3D world: part II

From concept arts to 3D world: part III



Vivian Kair (Assassin’s Creed 4)

Level artist


Building levels brick by brick: outdoor spaces

Building levels brick by brick: indoor spaces



Tim Besamusca (The Secret Circle, Jersey Shore)



(article coming soon)


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[UPDATE: We’ve been approved by the Steam Greenlight community, thank you!]






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