From concept arts to 3D world – part II

From concept arts to 3D world – part I
aprile 26, 2016
From concept arts to 3D world – part III
maggio 2, 2016

From concept arts to 3D world – part II

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We welcome you to the second episode of a story split in three regarding the development of the main characters’ 3D models. If you missed the first chapter, click HERE now!

Our team of AAA artists (read the story HERE) did an awesome job, we’ve already shown you the amazing concept arts provided by Shaddy Safadi (The Last Of Us, Uncharted 2) in THIS ARTICLE!

Anthony David Calderon, 3D artist best known for The Last Of Us  and Uncharted 3, used the arts to create the tridimensional models of Patrick.

Patrick Caine

Let’s look again at Patrick’s final concept made by Shaddy.



Now, let’s see how David gave it a third dimension.



Patrick’s body turnaround



Patrick’s head turnaround


To better see his face, have a look at this version without the beard meshes.



Patrick’s head turnaround (… now with a short beard!)


As a final step, he added textures and details. For the skin rendering, as already said in the previous episode HERE, he used 8 (yes, eight!) different layers: diffuse, specular, gloss, normal, subdermis, skin mask, ambient occlusion and translucency map. Check the differences in the image below.


The final touches brought Patrick Caine to life in his final form.

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[UPDATE: We’ve been approved by the Steam Greenlight community, thank you!]

So, see the 3D model in action in our 2+ minutes game trailer on our website.



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