Sometimes you’re just a dreamer

Building levels brick by brick: indoor spaces
maggio 6, 2016
We finally saw the light
maggio 13, 2016

Sometimes you’re just a dreamer

… sometimes not!

Since we started typing the first lines of code of Reverse: Time Collapse, we thought we were developing a nice game, with an interesting plot (just to say, we started development way before 12 Monkeys!) and an innovative gameplay we named “over time”, but we had no certainty the world would have agreed with us! Every keystroke, every drawn line, every note played, was intertwined with the hope to create something good, something enjoyable for you all.

We joined Steam Greenlight as a first step to test the waters and we discovered we were right!

In just 18 days we obtained:

current rank: 7 out of 2,383
followers: 328
"yes" votes: 67%
"ask me again later": 7%
visitors: 11,684

As those informations are private and reserved for the developers, we took a screenshot.


UPDATE: In the meanwhile we were writing the article, we’ve got even better results!

current rank: 6 out of 2,389
followers: 344
"yes" votes: 67%
"ask me again later": 7%
visitors: 12,199


[UPDATE 2.0: see the NEXT ARTICLE]

We’re really speechless and we say a huge “Thank you!” to everyone who allowed us to achieve those unbelievable results. Please, vote us on Steam Greenlight!

[UPDATE: We’ve been approved by the Steam Greenlight community, thank you!]


VOTE US on Steam Greenlight


We chose Unity3D as our engine just before development began as we know it pretty well. In addition to the bare application, using Unity means joining a vibrant community of developers, of events and showcases. One of the most important is the Made with Unity website, where every game developed with Unity3D is analyzed by the staff and voted featured or not.

At first, we wrote an article called Do androids dream of digital history? and uploaded it as a “story” on It was marked as featured and placed in the page header.

Then we filled a page to describe the game and uploaded it on the same page. It resulted in a webpage (visit it HERE) that was marked as featured as well and the game trailer has been placed in the daily game spotlight.


So, seems that our first impression was right and we’re extremely happy about that!

If you didn’t watch the game trailer, watch on our website.

If you like the game (and if you’re reading this blog we assume you do!), we absolutely need your help to make this dream a reality. Subscribe to our newsletter to know when to back the project on Kickstarter!



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