Optimizing and building

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Optimizing and building

Hi time travellers!

We’re hard at work on our game to deliver the best experience we can. During the last weeks we managed to optimize the framerate a lot and we recorded some in-game videos to show you the progress we’re making. The first one is a walk in the SERN laboratory or “tutorial level”, as we name it internally.


This is actually the reception of the facility, where a nice girl welcomes us. She has no lipsync yet as we have no voiceovers, but don’t panic! She will have her own voice in the final game. As Reverse: Time Collapse is an adventure game, we’ll create enigmas and puzzles to let Jack open the door that he opens so light-hearted.

Next one, the synchrotron laboratory!

Here you can see Jack walking and running in the laboratory during a noticeable emergency. Here we have for huge light sources (the red alarm lights) and particle effects between the two ends of the synchrotron that doesn’t affect the framerate at all. Pretty much everything in this zone is reflective so the final effect is enjoyable.

Next and last one!

This video features the female character we already talked about, Jane. She and Jack walk the catwalk for about 15 secons and the free camera we designed follows them and rotates accordingly to the user input on the right stick (we are using the Xbox controller in this demo). This video is set in the biggest room of the entire facility, so we put a light fog effect to reproduce humidity.

Other aspects of the game we already talked about are:

The game is currently under development and we’ll launch a Kickstarter campaign soon. We need YOU to complete the game, subscribe to our newsletter to know when to back the project! If you still have to watch the trailer, visit our website.


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