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maggio 23, 2016

How to render a realistic skin

Welcome back to the Reverse: Time Collapse development blog! We already talked about our main character Jack, in these two dev blog posts: The concept art […]
maggio 19, 2016

Malcolm X day

  In Reverse: Time Collapse you’ll be able to be part of some of the most influential events of american recent history. Edward will try to change the […]
maggio 16, 2016

Time (signature) collapse

For a videogame with cinematic purposes like Reverse: Time Collapse (subscribe to OUR NEWSLETTER to let it happen!), a essential element is music. It is a […]
maggio 13, 2016

We finally saw the light

There are lots of topic revolving around a videogame currently under development. We covered about characters, story, goals etc. on our OFFICIAL WEBSITE Then, in the […]
maggio 10, 2016

Sometimes you’re just a dreamer

… sometimes not! Since we started typing the first lines of code of Reverse: Time Collapse, we thought we were developing a nice game, with an […]
maggio 6, 2016

Building levels brick by brick: indoor spaces

When you make a game like Reverse: Time Collapse (subscribe to OUR NEWSLETTER) strongly based on narration, the most important visual elements are environments. Actually, if you […]
maggio 4, 2016

Building levels brick by brick: outdoor spaces

We’ve just ended a three-episodes story about the 3D models of Jack, Patrick and Jane. If you missed it you can turn back in time by […]
maggio 2, 2016

From concept arts to 3D world – part III

Hi again, time travellers! Seems like Reverse: Time Collapse already has lots of fans, as we are #10 out of 2354 on Steam Greenlight! Thanks everyone […]
aprile 28, 2016

From concept arts to 3D world – part II

Hey there! Thanks again for staying tuned on the REVERSE: TIME COLLAPSE development blog, it’s getting richer and richer post after post! Did you already subscribe […]