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In Reverse: Time Collapse you’ll be able to be part of some of the most influential events of american recent history.

We already talked about of 9/11 2001. In this post we write about another event of American history: Roswell.


July 8, 1947.
The Roswell Daily Record on the front page publishes the news that will make the history of World Ufology.
In the town of Roswell there was a crash of a flying saucer.
These are the words spoken in the first press release written by the Roswell Army Air Field.
William Ware Mac Brazel discovered the remains, a breeder who found the material in his property.
We were actually holding a flying saucer, that had been found on a ranch north of Roswell. The information was given to me and to the commander, Colonel Blanchard.
The cover was orchestrated very well and quickly from Washington through various channels. We had to say it was all fake, and that was just a meteorological balloon”.
Lieutenant Walter Haute’s words.
In fact, a few hours will pass by the denials of the US government.
Those flying disks were nothing more than probe balloons belonging to the Mogul Project, this their reconstruction.
After decades and myriad of testimonies, all this remains a mystery.

Edward will have to shed light on what happened that night on July 3, Jack will have to find out the truth about the Roswell case!


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