The concept art of Reverse: Time Collapse

Developing a videogame inspired by Philip K. Dick stories
aprile 21, 2016
From concept arts to 3D world – part I
aprile 26, 2016

The concept art of Reverse: Time Collapse

To develop a game like Reverse: Time Collapse, we really needed out-of-this-world artists to help us visualize our ideas (AND your help, of course. Subscribe to OUR NEWSLETTER!). We wrote a reference document for them with some written ideas and images. The style follows the ’30s fashion style but updated in details, textures and fabrics, something like a mix between futuristic movies and old style!

Shaddy Safadi, concept artist best known for his works on The Last Of Us and Uncharted 2, provided us stunning artworks representing the three main characters: Jack, Jane and Patrick.


Jack Black

For Jack, Shaddy created three different style options.

We chose the first one as it fits better our starting idea and we just changed small details.


Patrick Caine

For Patrick, the first concept was this one.


We imagined it a bit different, so we started changing his face…


… and clothes. The result was this one.

Caine-Ideations 2.fw

Yes, it’s him! Among the two options, we liked the second one more. Have a look at the final result.



Jane Austen

Jane is the character we all wanted to fall in love with, a very difficult task to accomplish. The attempts were three. Have a look to the first and second.

As the character is very important in the game, we asked for a third attempt and we GOT IT!


At first, Jane wore a skirt but we thought it was not really comfortable for performing moves in an action adventure, so we shifted to trousers.






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