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How to give life to dummies

One important aspect of a videogame are animations.

Especially 3D characters need to reflect realism in every movement and it’s very important for the final user experience. During the design process of Reverse: Time Collapse, we decided to create a cinematographic experience at all costs. As the game is strongly dialogue-centered, we realized that a great thing to include was lip synchronization and facial expressions as well. With the help of several add-ons, we managed to achieve the results.

Let’s talk about Mixamo and Lipsync, then!



Mixamo is a wonderful tool to give life to characters. As we had amazing artists to create the main characters (as you can read in this three episodes story, part Ipart IIpart III), we used this application to forge the NPCs. You can easily create your own 3D model, rig it and then animate it without much effort. It is very convenient when you have lots of models that populate an outdoor level like New York or a broker office. You can check Mixamo official website here at




Lipsync is great when it comes to character dialogues, voice over and facial animations. It allows you to create phoneme-based lipsyncing and facial animations and poses. One of the greatest features that really impressed us is that it automatically process audio files and extract the correct blendshapes value to voice over the sentence. For example, if you input an audio file saying “One, two, three, test”, Rogo Digital Lipsync automatically detects the phonemes of the word “One”, “Two”, “Three” and “Test” and moves the lips accordingly. Really impressive and it saves A LOT (I said A LOT) of time. Results are guaranteed! Learn more about this amazing product on




Other aspects of the game we already talked about are:

The game is currently under development and we’ll launch a Kickstarter campaign soon. We need YOU to complete the game, subscribe to our newsletter to know when to back the project! If you still have to watch the trailer, visit our website.

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