luglio 3, 2017
agosto 11, 2017


In Reverse: Time Collapse you’ll be able to be part of some of the most influential events of american recent history. Edward will try to change the conclusion of well-known happenings to come back to his present in 2047.

We already talked about of Roswell. In this post we write about another event of American history: Watergate.



The period of the Vietnam War does not attract consensus in the United States.
But another dust cloud is about to spread throughout the continent.
The 1972 will be remembered as the year of the burst of the Watergate case.
One of the most important political scandals in American history.
President Richard Nixon‘s administration seeks in every way to strengthen its political power, diminishing that of the Republican Party.
In 1974, however, the publication of the Smoking Gun tape will be proof of Nixon’s guilt that will present his resignation.
What other mysteries hide behind Watergate?


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